Hi, I’m Toby and I am London based food, wedding and event photographer,
traveling all over the UK and the world!


I’ve had a love for photography ever since I got my hands on my grandfathers old bellows camera. Being allowed to shoot and develop my own film, as soon as that first magic image came through on the paper in the developing fluid, I was hooked. Things have changed dramatically over the years with the introduction of digital and I’ve always been fascinated with the new technologies and keeping up with the times.


I mainly started shooting portrait photography and have always had an interest in people and the stories the expressions on their faces tell. From this and a love of cooking from my mother (brownie points), I have naturally fallen into mainly shooting weddings, portraits and food although I have a love for all areas of photography and try to keep a hand in them all with a passion for travel and landscapes.


I also teach from time to time, everything from basic to advanced photography techniques and also editing softwares such as Lightroom and Photoshop. So, if you’re looking for some tutoring or someone to help get you on your feet look no further!


To find out more and work with me, please get in contact by e-mail here.




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